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info for commissions

have a look at my gallery to see exactly what sort of standard/finished art you can expect.

i will draw ALMOST anything, just ask. you can see the kind of things i draw from my gallery, but if you are looking for something different then just ask me!

all payments must be made before i start your commission- pretty much standard practice, i think.

you can do whatever you want with the finished drawings. they are yours, you paid for them.

i work on a first come, first served basis. please be patient, i will get to things as fast as i can. obviously i don't expect you to pay until i am ready to start.

how much are commissions?

prices start from £20 (gbp) for a single picture. if you are looking for something with a background, more than a couple of characters, multiple comic pages or stuff like that then obviously there will be a bit of negotiation about the price - it's not set in stone.

can i commission you for more than one picture at a time or a sequence?

sure. starting from 20/09/2016, this will be limited to five images in any one run or five parts if it's a sequence.

how to commission me?

just send me a note with COMMISSION as the title and we'll take it from there! any questions, feel free to ask.
okee dokee, happy new year and all that. they say 'be the change you want to see in the world', right? so my new year's resolution is to work on my rubbish attitude and be full of positivity and just vibrating with good energy or  some shit like that. to start with, i've been reflecting on the past year and thinking about the good things that came out of it. it took a while and i got a headache and had to take a lot of naps, but eventually i came up with something

so thank you, 2016, for bringing me my new favourite band and also my new favourite tee shirt 
  • Listening to: BRITNEY
  • Watching: BRITNEY VIDEOS
  • Eating: cheese
  • Drinking: lemonade



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FattyKitty Featured By Owner 6 days ago
So, why'd the TK and Tai sequence disappear? If it's because of age, that's not the first time fat kids made their way in the gallery, even the one before it, "Just Desserts", features a fat kid.
ChubbyBunny98 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
It's a shame that it was removed. People need to not look at something if they don't like it.
Xxixxox Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Almost positive it was only flagged because of the diaper and baby fetish
PlumpieBombshell Featured By Owner 6 days ago
You want it? Lucky I have saved it on my iPad
Can i ask your discord ? I want the tk and tai gaining sequel
gaychubby Featured By Owner 2 days ago
can you please send it to me
PlumpieBombshell Featured By Owner 2 days ago
(2 Replies)
Numerronius Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hey dude,
You wouldn't mind if you were able to send the Tai & TK sequence to me as well, if not, that's fine.
PlumpieBombshell Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Do you have discord? I will send it to you on there
(2 Replies)
FattyKitty Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Sure, that'd be very nice of you!
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